Lag to be a thing of the past for gaming over Wi-Fi

When playing games on your laptop or console over a wireless connection, nothing is more frustrating than lag. You know the feeling — you’re playing Call of Duty, the game freezes for two seconds and next thing you know your character’s been shot and you’ve died.   Lag can often occur as a result of … Continued

Unified threat management and partnerships — making selling easier for the channel

When building solutions for SMBs, resellers have traditionally had two choices. Option 1: the reseller builds a solution using a single vendor’s proprietary products and features, which doesn’t always take into account the nuances of each customer’s needs. Option 2: the reseller builds a truly tailored solution using the best features of multiple suppliers, which … Continued

A secure network for the flexible employee

The way we work is evolving and employees are no longer expected to pass their day behind a desk. Instead, flexible work practices such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are enabling more and more employees to work off-site or on the go from their device of choice. With Gartner predicting that there will be … Continued

How to ensure your school gets the best out of its wireless network

Wi-Fi in schools has never quite matched the Wi-Fi we get at home, and as students bring more smartphones, tablets and laptops into the classroom, the gap will only get worse. While IT administrators need to carefully manage student access and many users in classrooms or lecture halls, dealing with high-density environments doesn’t have to … Continued

The latest technology and the opportunity for resellers

The latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard is significantly increasing its reach across a range of devices and, with faster speeds and stronger signals on offer, the technology is finally reaching for the mass market. Providing an overall enhanced user experience, ABI’s prediction of 19.4 million enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points to be shipped by 2020 looks set … Continued

SMBs can’t risk using outdated software

Network attacks are more widespread than ever before and it is no longer just larger companies being targeted. Cyber criminals are proactively pinpointing the holes within networks, irrespective of the company’s size. As larger companies become better defended, it is SMBs that are at the highest risk of attacks today.   Dependency on legacy software … Continued

BYOD – a trend that’s here to stay

One of the most prevalent trends that the consumerisation of IT has contributed to is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Employees now expect to use the smart phones or tablets they use in their personal lives in a professional capacity too, and it is this demand that is revolutionising the way IT is purchased, secured … Continued