BYOD – a trend that’s here to stay

One of the most prevalent trends that the consumerisation of IT has contributed to is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Employees now expect to use the smart phones or tablets they use in their personal lives in a professional capacity too, and it is this demand that is revolutionising the way IT is purchased, secured and delivered.   Happy employees, happy business BYOD has a whole variety of benefits for both the employee and the employer. Allowing employees to use devices they’re familiar with not only increases overall efficiency, but also enables small businesses to leverage the latest features available … Continue reading BYOD – a trend that’s here to stay

When are we going to see the full benefits of PoE+?

PoE+ has been around for a few years now and businesses are still yet to realise its potential. We can expect a new standard to take time to reach the mass market, but the main reason PoE+ hasn’t taken off yet is because the vendors promoting its benefits are also holding it back. Today, most vendors offer PoE+ only on certain ports — rather than all ports — to save power. This compromise works for business with simple requirements, but doesn’t work for those with more complex environments who want to capitalise on the latest high-powered devices. Resellers are now … Continue reading When are we going to see the full benefits of PoE+?

Connecting European SMBs to the cloud

The growth in high-speed internet connectivity across Europe, the increasing adoption of cloud services, the consumerisation of IT and the move towards mobile working are trends that, in theory, play to the strengths of SMBs – allowing them to compete more effectively. The proliferation towards cloud-based services such as Skype, Google Drive and Salesforce is also making life easier for employees– allowing staff to access content from anywhere and work collaboratively. However, research of 2,500 European office-based workers recently conducted by Zyxel, has found that while SMBs are starting to make the most of new technologies and services, there are … Continue reading Connecting European SMBs to the cloud

Why SMBs should be concerned about IT

It is a well-known fact that employee productivity and cost-efficient processes are key focuses for SMBs. However, this coupled with the explosion in the number of smart devices and personal cloud services means that it has never been more important for SMBs to streamline their IT networks and support a technologically advanced workforce. We recently commissioned research across 2500 office-based workers, which revealed some interesting things about the SMB workplace. A business needs happy customers Smooth and efficient customer service is fundamental for the budget-conscious SMB looking to establish a good reputation and enhance sales through positive reviews. Our research found … Continue reading Why SMBs should be concerned about IT